Why Trust Us?

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We put your pet’s long-term health first with a focus on preventive services.

We at San Roque Pet Hospital firmly believe that prevention is the key to maintaining our patients’ long-term health, from puppy and kittenhood and into old age. Because of this, we strongly encourage all of our clients to keep up a regular schedule if vaccinations and routine examinations for your beloved pet.

Our highly experienced and compassionate vets make the difference.

Our vets work closely together and with you in order to provide your pet with integrated care targeted at your pet’s unique healthcare needs. Their compassion and experience make all the difference when it comes to your pet’s health.

We provide a comprehensive range of care veterinary services, all under one roof.

San Roque Pet Hospital offers core care services from vaccinations and parasite prevention and routine wellness exams, to dental care, internal medicine and more. We aim to offer high quality, specialized, and compassionate care for our patients, from kitten and puppyhood and into your pet’s old age.

We support our advanced care with an in-house diagnostic lab for quick results.

Our veterinarians provide high quality care to each and every one of our patients. Our cutting-edge in-house veterinary lab allows us to conduct testing like radiography, ultrasounds and endoscopies. With these, our team is able to deliver diagnoses and create treatment plans for your pet as soon as possible.

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Expert Advice

Here are some advices and tips from our experts..

German Shepherds

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Professional Pet Care

Pet owners trust us to look after the needs of their beloved companions. We are specialists committed to delivering the very highest of veterinary care and affection.

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